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2 Dangers Of Neglecting To Have Your Home's Septic Tank Cleaned Regularly

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When your home has a septic system, part of its maintenance is to have it cleaned out by a professional on a specific schedule set up by the service. Even if you do not believe that the tank is full, this important task must be completed on a regular basis.

If you neglect to have the tank pumped out, it can cause major issues to both your home and the surrounding area. Below are a couple of the dangers of neglecting to have your home's septic tank pumped out regularly.

1. Sludge and Waste Will Build up Inside the Tank and Sewer Line, Causing Damage to the System

One danger of having a septic tank that is full from not being pumped is that sludge and waste will build up inside the tank. While the waste materials break down as part of the system, it is a slow process, requiring that the tank be cleaned out every few years.

If not pumped out, the sludge and waste that builds up will eventually push outward on the tank, causing it to rupture. The waste materials will also come back up into your home's main sewer line, clogging it up and eventually making its way up through the drains.

2. Wastewater Will Leech into the Surrounding Soil, Contaminating the Ground and Running off into Local Water Sources

Another threat created by a septic tank that has become too full is rupturing. If the tank can no longer contain the waste within it, the wastewater will bleed out into the soil surrounding the tank.

When this happens, the soil becomes contaminated with fecal material and bacteria, creating a health hazard to people, animals, and even plants in the surrounding area. When it rains, the contaminated soil will then run off, carrying with it germs and wastewater, contaminating water sources in your area.

When you neglect to have your septic tank cleaned out, it poses a danger to the system from the buildup of sludge and waste that can rupture the tank and clog up the sewer line. It also becomes a threat to the surrounding environment because the wastewater contaminates the soil and potentially pollutes local sources of water. If it has been a while or you cannot remember the last time the tank was pumped, contact a septic tank pumping service to speak to a professional about setting up an appointment soon.