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Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Leaking Or Is Not Functioning Properly

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Homes with septic systems that process wastewater and sewage require maintenance and inspection to ensure the system works correctly. Septic tank repair can be a big job, and the costs can soar quickly, so watching for signs of problems and dealing with them as quickly as possible is essential. 

Septic Tank Overflow

Septic tank repair services can deal with many problems you may encounter with your septic system, but you have to know what to watch for and when to call the repair service. Septic tanks that overflow can create a significant problem, and the water from the tank can saturate your yard with foul-smelling liquid that is unappealing and can be unsafe.

There are some common reasons the septic system will overflow, and in some cases, it is a simple fix, but at other times the tank may need to be excavated to make the necessary repairs. The most common reasons for tank overflow are a tank that is not discharging the processed materials into the drainfield or is overfilled with solids that are taking up too much space inside the tank. 

When dealing with an overflowing septic tank, start with tank pumping and cleaning. If there is a need for septic tank repair, having a clean and empty tank can make the job easier for the septic service and allows a full inspection of the tank to determine what caused it to back up in the first place. 

Sometimes pumping the tank is the only septic tank repair necessary, but it is a good idea to have a system inspection to uncover any flaws or damage to the system that may require repair. 

Inefficient Drainflied Operation

The drainfield in your septic system handles the outflow of water from the septic tank and helps filter it while allowing it to run off into the ground over time. A malfunctioning drainfield can look like a septic tank problem, so a septic tank repair service will need to check the drainfield for you.

If a blockage develops in the line feeding the drainfield, the water can back up in the septic tank instead of passing through the system. A blockage can occur at the tank drain, or inside the field, and are most often the result of things in the system, like paper or food that do not break down properly. 

The long-term result of the backup is a tank that will fill up quickly, and problems with sewage outside the home. Slow drains inside that can begin to backup if repairs are not taken care of, and the drain system in your home may require cleaning once the septic system repair is complete. Septic tank repair can be complicated, so you must hire a septic system contractor to troubleshoot and repair your system as soon as you notice an issue.  

Contact a local septic tank repair service to learn more.