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When Should You Schedule Commercial Septic Tank Pumping?

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Your company's septic system may be out of sight, but it should cross your mind when undertaking home maintenance practices. When a septic tank overfills, the wastewater spills into your yard and might pose health hazards, generate an unpleasant smell, and affect your reputation. Therefore, you need to know common signs that it is time to empty the tank and avoid emergency septic problems. The following are signs you need to contact the experts for commercial septic tank pumping. 

1. The Specialists Say It Is Time 

Professionals recommend regular septic tank inspection to keep an eye on the levels of effluence in the tank. Due to unusual occasions such as parties or various projects, the tank might take a shorter time to fill up. You don't want to be caught unawares while waiting to pump the septic at the scheduled time. If the specialists inspect the tank and recommend pumping, do not ignore their advice. Emptying the tank early might prevent issues such as backup or raw sewage spillage. 

2. Unpleasant Odor

Unpleasant odors are a sign it is time to empty the septic tank. Even if the tank is not full, there could be hidden cracks and holes in the tank, causing leaks and producing odors. The smell of sewage in your commercial establishment can ruin your reputation and could lead to business closure. Therefore, consider scheduling emergency septic tank pumping. An empty tank is easier to inspect for damage and repair those issues. Don't neglect the smell of raw sewage masking your property; let the professionals inspect and pump the tank. 

3. Before Upgrading the Septic Tank 

As your company grows, you may find the need to increase the size of your septic tank. It may also show signs of damage after years of service. But before you upgrade the tank, you need to pump out the waste before demolishing the older tank to make room for a newer, larger facility. In this case, emptying the tank is necessary. However, you should let the septic system professionals handle the entire process for desired outcomes.

4. Many Clogged Drains 

Does your commercial building experience slow drains or standing water? The situation might need a lot more than drain cleaning. Multiple clogged drains often indicate something wrong with the septic tank. A full septic tank cannot accommodate more wastewater and will therefore cause blockage. Therefore, you should act quickly and prevent catastrophic sewer backup. 

These are some instances you need to schedule septic tank pumping. Generally, professionals can inspect your septic system at any time and advise you whether to pump it. Therefore, contact a professional to schedule an inspection or septic tank pumping service.