Septic 101: A Guide For Homeowners

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Why Your Property Needs A Septic System Installation

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When building your home, you'll need to have a plan to get rid of wastewater. You'll either need to have a septic tank installed in your home or get connected to your city's sewer line. If you look at the perks of each option, you'll see that a septic system installation is your best bet. Read on to learn more about septic tank installation.

It Can Be Done Almost Anywhere

Not every scenario allows you to connect to the city's sewer line. Sometimes, your location can be too far to get connected to the city sewer line. You'll have to go with a septic system installed in such instances. Surprisingly, people in some remote locations can only invest in septic tank systems.

Save Money

Homeowners assume that septic systems are expensive. However, this isn't true because you'll only pay a one-time fee. This fee can be high depending on the size of your septic tank. But once the installation is complete, you'll only need to pay for routine pumping and cleaning. 

Remember that these services only need to be done every three to five years. If you connect to the city's sewer line, you'll need to pay a monthly fee as long as you remain connected. 

Help Homeowners Develop Better Habits

Investing in a septic system allows you to become more responsible. You'll start minding your water usage. Moreover, you'll be mindful of what goes to your sink and toilet as well. Most people who use city sewer lines don't care about flushing their toilets. However, septic tank owners know that flushing down chemicals, diapers, cigarette butts, or condoms can damage their septic systems.

Low Maintenance

Septic systems are low-maintenance as long as you use them correctly. They don't need to be checked or cleaned every year. You just need to be careful of what goes down your drain lines. Surprisingly, responsible homeowners rarely call plumbers to repair their septic systems. The only maintenance required is to have the tank cleaned and pumped.

Good for the Environment

As much as your aim is to save money, it's also good to know that your septic system benefits the environment. For starters, septic systems utilize leach fields and drain fields to filter out waste before it gets to the soil. At least the wastewater will be free from bacteria by the time it re-enters the water supply.

Has this write-up persuaded you that a septic system is suitable for your residence? If yes, ensure that you don't miss out on all these benefits by investing in a septic system.