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Why Is Septic Tank Cleaning Crucial to Septic System Performance?

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Septic tank cleaning involves pumping out a septic tank and cleaning it to get rid of solid waste. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises homeowners to pump and clean their septic tanks at least once every three to five years. But why is this maintenance task so important? Read on to find out the ways regular septic tank cleaning can improve the efficiency of your septic system.

Eliminates Non-Biodegradable Waste

Septic systems rely on bacteria to break down waste into sludge and effluent. However, the bacteria can only break down biodegradable waste. If you dump non-biodegradable substances such as plastic, chemical waste, and diapers down your drains, they won't get broken down. Instead, the solids will accumulate in the tank, causing it to fill up faster. 

A septic pump-out removes all the inorganic substances and frees up space inside the tank. Consequently, the tank can accommodate more waste than it did before. Avoid dumping non-biodegradable waste in your septic system, which could force you to pump out the tank more frequently. 

Restores Septic System Bacteria

Soakaway septic systems have aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that break down solid waste into effluent and sludge. Over time, dumping chemicals and liquid cleaners down the drains can slow down the bacteria or kill them. With fewer septic bacteria, waste isn't broken down efficiently, which causes the septic tank to fill up fast.

Septic tank cleaning gets rid of the harmful waste inside the tank. This allows the bacteria to multiply rapidly and break down the waste more efficiently. After cleaning your tank, you can use an additive in the tank to increase bacteria and speed up the breakdown of solid waste.

Clears Clogs and Prevents an Overflow

Are you experiencing a slow movement of wastewater from your drains? If so, your septic system is clogged. Clogs along the sewer line and inside the septic tank can slow down wastewater drainage and increase the risk of a sewer overflow. Septic cleaning clears clogs in the tank and the pipes leading to the drainfield, improving wastewater drainage. 

Reveals Wear and Damage

Older septic tanks may suffer various forms of damage due to old age or poor maintenance. These include corrosion of the tank and fittings, damaged tank cover, or worn piping. It's hard to unearth these problems when the tank is full. During cleaning, your contractor empties the tank, which allows a thorough inspection of the tank and its components. This enables you to repair any visible damage and prevent future system failure.

Septic tank cleaning is more than just a routine maintenance procedure. It can increase the efficiency of your septic system and prevent an emergency. Contact a septic service for professional septic tank cleaning services.