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Portable Toilet Rental — Key Essentials To Get For Construction

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Portable toilet rentals play a vital role in construction projects, especially when construction happens outside the city limits. If you plan to rent some, here are a few essentials to get from a supplier.

Ample Interior Space

Size is a huge factor in determining how comfortable a portable toilet is. The bigger it is, the more convenient the portable restroom will be. Luckily, rental suppliers give you plenty of dimensions to choose from.

Either look online at these dimensions or review the rentals in person, seeing how big different interiors are. Bigger units may cost more, but you'll give construction workers a more enjoyable experience when they use the bathroom and wash up throughout the day.

Safety Compliant

In addition to getting portable toilets with large interiors, opt for units that are safety compliant. Your construction company must meet guidelines when temporarily supplying portable toilet rentals. These safety regulations vary from state to state, but some standard rules exist.

For instance, your units need hand-washing stations to help construction workers clean themselves after using the bathroom. It's also a requirement to have handicap-supported features for workers with disabilities.

If you want a detailed list of safety regulations your portable toilets must comply with, look them up online or consult with your rental supplier. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

Since you'll use these toilet rentals around a construction site that's presumably dirty and rugged, look for units with heavy-duty construction. You need it to ensure these toilets last around the conditions of the construction site. 

For example, you could get portable toilets made from weatherproof materials like synthetic resins. Regardless of the elements around your construction site, these toilets won't wear down during your rental period. Portable toilets with thick materials also help with durability. 

Storage Compartments For Supplies

It's common practice to keep supplies inside portable toilet rentals, such as toilet paper, cleaning solutions, and air fresheners. You can support all these items and more if you get portable toilet rentals with storage compartments.

They enable you to keep the supplies out of the way and secure. They'll be within arm's reach whenever your construction workers need them. Just ensure you get big enough storage compartments to fit all the essentials. 

When you rent portable toilets for construction, you give all workers a place to use the restroom. Make these experiences optimal by getting special features and amenities relevant to your construction operations. 

Contact a local company to learn more about portable toilet rentals