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2 Pieces Of Information To Have Ready When Renting Portable Toilets For Your Construction Site

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If you are planning out the details for an upcoming construction project, you may have found that the site is well away from any modern facilities. Because of this, part of your planning will include having portable restrooms onsite for your employees.

If this is your first time renting portable toilets for a construction job, you may be uncertain as to what information you need to give to the rental service. To make the process easier, make sure you have the information below handy when renting portable toilets for your construction site.

1. Number of Employees Who Will Be Using the Toilets on a Daily and Weekly Basis

One piece of information that you should have ready when contacting the service about renting portable toilets for your upcoming construction site is a head count of the employees who will be using them. You should further divide this number into the average number of workers who will use the toilets on a daily and weekly basis if you will have more workers on some days of the week than others.

These numbers will help the rental service work out two parts of your contract. First, the number of employees will determine how many toilets you will need at the site. Second, the daily and weekly usage will determine if they will need to clean the units weekly or more than once a week.

2. Upgrades That You Would like to Request for One or More of the Toilets

Another thing you should have ready when you contact the portable potty rental service is your requests for any desired upgrades. In standard units, they will feature a toilet and a dry sink.

However, if you want your employees to have running water or have some workers who will need to shower after their workday because of handling certain materials, you will need to let the rental service know. They can then review your options to find the best units suited to your needs.

Before contacting the rental service, make sure you have a total count of the employees that will be using the toilets so that the service can determine how many you need as well as how often the units will need cleaning. Also, make sure you think about any possible upgrades you may want for one or more of the toilets that will serve your workers' needs. Once you have this information handy, contact a porta-potty rental service to speak with a representative who can help you get started.