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Is It Time To Clean Your Drains?

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Plumbing is a modern amenity that homeowners aren't willing to live without. Unfortunately, homeowners can overlook the importance of caring for the drains that are part of their plumbing systems.

Drains must be cleaned regularly to prevent them from getting clogged or damaged. A professional plumber will have the equipment and knowledge required to clean your drains without causing any damage.

If you are wondering whether or not you need to have your drains cleaned, here are two significant indicators that you can look for when making your decision. 

1. Slower Drainage Times

One of the first indicators that a drain is in need of cleaning is a reduction in drain speed. If it is taking longer than usual for water to go down your sink or tub, this is a pretty good sign that there is a blockage somewhere inside the drain line.

Soap scum, skin cells, oil, and other debris can accumulate along the interior wall of a drain pipe over time. Eventually, these materials can reduce the internal radius of the pipe. The smaller radius doesn't allow as much water through at any one time, resulting in slower drainage.

If more than one drain in your home shows signs of slow drainage, you may need a plumber to clean out your main drain line in addition to the individual drain lines within your plumbing system.

2. An Increase in Water Bill Costs

The amount of money that you pay for water each month usually stays relatively constant. If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill but you haven't been using more water than usual, this could be a sign that it's time to clean your drains.

Blockages that form inside pipes that aren't cleaned regularly can limit the amount of water flowing through these pipes. You will need to keep your water running for a longer period of time just to access the same amount of water that you always use to wash dishes, take a bath, or do laundry.

While you may not see all of this additional water coming from your faucets, it is being metered by your water meter. You end up using more water without realizing it until you get your water bill.

A plumber at a drain cleaning service will be able to clean out any blockages interfering with your home's water flow, allowing you to keep your water bill to a minimum in the future.