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5 Signs That Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

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Figuring out when it is time to have your septic tank pumped can be a bit tricky since not all septic tanks will fill up at the same rate. In fact, you may even find that how often you require septic tank pumping can vary depending upon changes in your household size or personal habits. Thankfully, there are some signs that can help alert you to the need to have your tank pumped. You can learn more about five of these signs below. 

#1: Your Drains Are Running Slow

It is important to note that this particular warning sign will be widespread throughout your home rather than impacting just one or two drains. If you have a single drain that is running slowly, chances are there is something obstructing that specific drain pipe. However, if all of your drains seem to be running slower than normal, this can be the result of your septic tank reaching its capacity.

#2: Water Puddles In Your Drain Field

If your septic tank is full, it will be forced to release more wastewater than usual in order to try and prevent an overflow. This can result in the soil in your drain field becoming completely saturated. Since the soil is not able to absorb any more water, any excess water will begin to form puddles on the surface. If you notice this type of puddling, you can be sure that it is time to have your septic tank pumped.

#3: Your Drains Or Drain Field Have A Foul Odor

As your septic tank reaches its capacity, the odor produced from the solid waste and sludge inside will often be detectable from above ground. While it is possible to smell this odor from anywhere in your home or yard, it is most commonly detected coming from the drains or the drain field. 

#4: The Grass In Your Drain Field Is Exceptionally Green

While the excess water and waste being released into your drain field by an overfull septic tank may not be good for you, it is wonderful for your grass. The increased access to water and nutrients will often cause the grass in your drain field to become exceptionally green when compared to other areas of your yard. 

#5: There Is Water Or Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home

While this warning sign may seem obvious to some people, others simply assume that the issue of water or sewage backing up into their sink or toilet is nothing more than a normal plumbing problem. However, this problem can often be corrected by having your septic tank pumped.