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Septic System Inspection: 4 Instances When You Should Use A Camera

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Sewer problems can frustrate you, especially if you can't identify the cause. Accurate problem diagnosis is the first step to resolving a problem, and that's where a septic system camera inspection comes in. The septic expert uses a camera to locate the root cause of a problem and leave your yard intact.

1. Tree Roots

Tree root infiltration is common if you have old or aggressive trees in your home. Some commonly affected pipes include those made of clay, cast iron, or other porous materials. Tree roots gravitate towards the moisture from your pipes. As a result, your sewer pipes block or get damaged in turn.

A sewer camera inspection is flexible and easily goes through pipes to find the exact location of root infiltration. With a camera, your plumber doesn't have to dig your lawn first to diagnose the problem.

2. Sagged or Bellied Pipes

Pipe sags are caused by various factors, e.g., weight, geological factors, and pipe weight. Sagged pipes fight gravity and momentum to push wastewater to the sewage. Also, when portions of your sewer pipes descend below the other parts, dirt and debris are caught up in the sag. As a result, you get repeated blockages and risk leaks if the pipe seals loosen.

Even if your pipe is exposed, sags are easily detected inside the pipe. That's because the sag goes downwards, and the visible part of your pipes is the upper side. Therefore, the ideal way to pinpoint the location of a sag is to use a camera septic system inspection.

3. Hairline Cracks

When high water pressure in your sewer lines forces debris to the walls, the pipes expand and fracture. The fractures, also known as hairline cracks, are usually minor, and initial detection is difficult. That's because early stages don't cause sewer leaks. Old iron and clay pipes are common victims of hairline cracks.

Your sewer line functions normally at the onset of the crack. Yet, a camera inspection is essential to determine the exact point of the crack because, eventually, you'll need a repair. If you ignore the repairs, you stand to get more frequent clogs and underground sewer leaks.

4. Clogs

Pipe clogs are arguably the most common problem many homeowners face. You might try an easy fix with a snake machine. But, the device can punch a hole through the clog and leave the clog intact. So, instead, your plumber uses a camera to see and remove the entire clog and prevent future occurrences.

Besides, different options are preferred to preserve your pipes based on the type of clog. For instance, a power washer removes food particles. Yet, you'll need natural solutions to dissolve grease build-ups.


Sewer camera inspection detects even problems that you aren't aware of. Besides, camera inspections save you a lot of time, effort, and money you would have spent on misdiagnosis. If you have sewer problems and can't tell the cause, your best shot is to consult a reputable septic system inspection expert.

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