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4 Tips For Getting Portable Toilet Rentals When Planning An Outdoor Event

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Are you new to the idea of installing portable toilets? When planning an outdoor event, you might need to find a convenient way for the visitors to relieve themselves. Porta potties quickly solve that problem so you can move focus on other aspects such as entertainment, tents, and food. But before moving on, here are some tips for renting the right units.

1. Ensure You Meet the Demand

How many units do you need? The question might seem straightforward until it's time to place an order. The number of anticipated visitors might help determine the right units to order. You'll need to find a suitable ratio to ensure there will be no waiting lines.

Generally, OSHA provides guidelines for construction sites to ensure sanitation and safety. You can apply the ratios provided for your event. Before placing an order, confirm your attendance list so you will not underestimate the number of units needed.  

2. Inquire About Maintenance and Cleanliness

When renting a venue with permanent restrooms, the staff members are often responsible for maintaining cleanliness. However, when you bring in portable restrooms, you might have to clean the toilets. Therefore, ask your prospective rental company about cleaning responsibilities. Reputable companies provide cleaning services at a reasonable fee. Some may also restock toiletries and soap. The rental company should also clarify whether the cleaning services are part of the package.

3. Determine Rental Costs

The price of renting the facilities will vary depending on a few things. Firstly, if you are getting the standalone options, they will be simple and relatively inexpensive. They come with standard features and will work well for most events. On the other hand, luxury toilets are pricier because they come with numerous amenities like interior sinks, climate control, automatic fresheners, and classic interiors.

The size of the unit might also determine the price. The rental company might charge per unit, so you will have to spend more money if you rent more toilets. The rental period will also play a part in determining costs. Get a quotation from different companies and compare prices to find quality portable toilets at a fair price.  

4. Find Out About Set Up and Logistics

Porta potties allow you to host events in any outdoor space you can think of. The rental company will help with set up and delivery. They will also take care of waste disposal so you get good value for your money and avoid the hassle of handling the toilets yourself. Find out if you need any permits before the company delivers your facilities.

Getting rental toilets at your outdoor event shouldn't be hard. You only need to follow the tips discussed above to ensure you are making the right decision. Then, contact a local portable toilet rental company to see what they have in store for you.