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Septic Cleaning: 3 Of The Most Effective Expert Septic Cleaning Tips For Everyone

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If your home doesn't connect to your relevant municipal water treatment system, a septic tank is the most crucial plumbing fixture keeping your surroundings clean and healthy. Nonetheless, while your septic tank disposes of wastewater, not keeping it clean can lead to expensive and health-hazardous expenses you couldn't anticipate. So, to keep your septic system clean, here are the most effective expert septic cleaning tips.

Pumping Your Septic Tank and Its Fixtures Regularly

Pumping your septic tank and its fixtures helps clean the remains of wastewater. Doing this also stops clogs and overflowing. Regular pumping of your septic tank prevents severe damage to itself and the entire plumbing system. For instance, without regularly having your septic system pumped, clogs and other elements remain and cause blockage. Over time, blockage leads to slow drainage, which adversely affects the septic tank's performance and the toilets, drains, and sinks. When this happens, most plumbing pipes suffer from backups and leaks. As a result, to prevent these problems, have your tank regularly pumped to increase its life span and reduce maintenance expenses.

Using High-Pressure Water Jetting Cleaning Method 

Contrary to other septic cleaning methods, high-pressure jetting is the most effective. Its effectiveness comes from the method's ability to clean debris accumulation in pipes and drains completely. It also quickly removes stubborn septic system damaging elements like grease and soap residue. The technique also removes tree root infiltrations and mineral deposits that cause septic system buildups and severe drain problems. Furthermore, high-pressure jetting will reach out and remove solidified mineral deposits and other elements regardless of how far they have gone inside your septic tank and plumbing system. While other septic cleaning methods like plumbing augers and snakes destroy pipes by causing cracks and rust, high-pressure water jetting doesn't have such side effects. Lastly, if you want to clean your septic system without hurting your landscape, pressure jetting is still the best method because it doesn't dig out pipes which will automatically destroy your landscape.

Using Bacteria Additives and Effluent Filters

Bacteria additives matter in any septic cleaning project because all septic systems gather lots of deposits and sediments. Using a live bacteria additive breaks down the presence of unnatural solids and substances, including detergents and soaps. This prevents them from causing clogs and drain blockage, which can be expensive to clean over time. Most bacteria additives keep your septic system free from awful odors. For effluent filters, they help prevent septic system buildups by keeping solids and sediments from penetrating your septic drain field.

If you want to learn more, contact a local septic cleaning service