Septic 101: A Guide For Homeowners

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Helpful Tips For Having A Septic Tank Installed

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If you're having a home built or are otherwise looking to have a septic tank installed, you could be looking for advice. Many people know little to nothing about septic tanks, how they work, or how they are installed. As long as you keep this advice in mind when you're having a septic tank installed, then everything should be taken care of properly.

Determine if It's Needed

First of all, you should determine if a septic tank is needed. If you live in the city limits, for example, you might be able to hook up to your community's sewage lines instead of installing a septic tank. If you have an existing septic tank but think it needs to be replaced, then you may want to find out if it can be repaired first. Otherwise, installing a septic tank might be a necessity.

Hire Someone to Install Your Septic Tank

It's not as easy as just installing a few pipes, digging a hole in the ground, and installing a septic tank. The entire job has to be done properly to prevent environmental issues due to leaking human waste. It also has to be done properly to avoid plumbing problems, big messes on your property, and more. Plus, in many areas, septic tank installations have to be done by a professional in order to get the necessary permits.

Provide the Professional With as Much Info as Possible

When you hire a professional to install a septic tank, you should give them as much information as possible. If you're in the process of having a home built, the septic tank installation professional will need to know about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home and its general size. They'll need to see a land survey of your property, and they'll need to know where on the property your home will be built. Giving them all of this information up-front will help prevent delays and will ensure that your septic tank is installed properly.

Have it Done Right Away

If you're having a home built, then you should have the septic tank installed as soon as possible. Then, it will be ready for use when the plumber installs all of your household plumbing and you won't have to worry about delays from moving in because of it. Additionally, digging will have to be done to install your septic tank. The sooner that you have it installed, the sooner that you can plant grass in the area to help your lawn look more mature. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers septic system installation