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No Water? What Your Well May Be Telling You

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If you have a water well and you begin to notice some strange occurrences with your water, there is a chance the well is beginning to dry up. Over time, the water level can start to decrease due to consistent use, periods of little to no rain, or if the well is not deep enough to accommodate your household. Thankfully, a well does not dry up right away. You will notice some signs that the well is going dry. The following are some examples:

The Water Is Dark and Dirty

One surefire way to know something is wrong with your water supply is the color and texture of the water. A fully functioning water well should provide you clear water with no sediment. As a well begins to dry out, the sediment that is typically at the bottom of the well begins to draw up into the pump and into your plumbing fixtures. This water has dirt and debris in it because it is the last of the liquid left in the well.

The Water Tastes Bad

Even if the water is still clear, you may notice a bad taste. This is a sign that the well may be starting to dry out. The mud and debris at the bottom of the well begin to pump through the system subtlety. Even though the water may appear clean, it can still taste bad once the process begins.

Strange Sounds From the Plumbing Fixtures

Another way to tell the well is beginning to dry is when the faucets begin making strange sounds. You may notice the water burst through the faucets. This is due to the extra air in your pipes. Instead of pulling water into the well pump, the air is being pulled in. The air coming through the faucets is what causes the sounds.

Bad Water Pressure

You may also notice your water pressure starts to decline as the well is drying up. The water should have a strong, steady flow as it pours through the faucets. If the water is slow or just trickling when combined with some of the other signs, chances are your well may be starting to dry out. The problem could also be due to other issues, so be sure to have your plumbing checked by a professional.

A dry water well is a significant issue that will require immediate attention. Once the well is completely dry, there is no way to get potable water into your home. Be sure to call a water well repair service, such as Eckmayer Inc., for assistance.