Septic 101: A Guide For Homeowners

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Benefits Of Installing A Septic System

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Your home's wastewater contains bacteria and can be a health hazard if you or your pets come into contact with the water. Therefore, you need to find a viable disposal solution. If you're near a local wastewater treatment plan, you can direct your wastewater there. However, if you're far from a treatment facility, consider septic system installation. Here are the pros of installing a septic system.


Professionals perform septic installation underground and install pipes to drain water into the septic tank. Natural bacteria separate waste and water. The tank releases the water to the surrounding soil for filtering while the waste collects in the tank for future pumping. Having such an autonomous system is affordable as you avoid monthly bills from the local sewer treatment plant.

Additionally, note that the cost of installing a sewer system combined with repair can be costly. The cost of installing a septic tank is affordable, especially if you work with experienced professionals as they know where to source inexpensive materials.

Low Maintenance

Septic tanks usually comprise fiberglass, steel, and concrete. These are durable materials that can withstand above-ground weight or pressure. Also, the tanks are underground and hidden from harsh UV rays and strong winds. Additionally, a septic tank installation requires minimal maintenance. You only need to pump out the waste from the tank when the waste fills the tank, which is once every few years. 

Further, a septic system installation requires frequent inspections to identify existing issues and schedule repair. Proper maintenance of your septic system increases the lifespan of your system, and you won't need to replace your tank.

Environmentally Friendly

Ideally, sewer systems utilize piping to direct the wastewater. Any damage to the pipes, such as cracks or blockage, can lead to leakage or overflow of the wastewater. This can cause environmental pollution. Also, sewer systems use energy, whose main source is fossil fuels. This increases your household's carbon footprint. Besides, sewer treatment involves using chemicals that are toxic to the environment, especially if used in excess.

In contrast, a septic system installation protects the environment. When the wastewater settles in the septic tank, natural bacteria break down the wastes and allow water recycling. When you recycle wastewater, you replenish your property's water table, which benefits your yard. Also, water recycling lowers your home's carbon footprint. 

Affordability, eco-friendliness, and low maintenance needs are some benefits of a septic system installation. Consider installing a septic system to enjoy these benefits.