Septic 101: A Guide For Homeowners

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Septic Tank Cleaning: What You Need To Know

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A septic tank is a large underground container used to recycle and maintain wastewater. A septic tank is usually connected to the plumbing system. And if you live in rural areas with no access to the sewer line, you surely are familiar with a septic tank.

After long periods of use, your septic tank needs cleaning. Whenever you flush water from your toilet or take showers, water flows down to the septic tank. Wastewater in the septic tank is then carried in the drain field. However, other materials left in the septic tank form scum. Therefore, cleaning your septic tank is crucial to the proficiency of your septic tank.

Cleaning Frequency

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your septic tank needs cleaning every three to five years. However, you shouldn't just pump the septic tank just because it has been three years since you pumped it. If you hire expert septic tank cleaners, the first thing they do is conduct an assessment. Then, experts will consider the size, volume of scum, and the number of users in your house, among other factors, before pumping. 

What Are the Signs for Pumping the Septic Tank?

You might be asking yourself the signs that a septic tank requires pumping. One of the most common signs is sewage backing up in your drains. You are most likely to notice this in your sinks and sometimes in your bathroom.

Another sign is an odor inside or even around your house. The smell usually comes from the drain. But this is not a conclusive reason to have your septic tank pumped. Consider hiring sewer service experts to check the piping system because plumbing clogs can also cause odor.

Is It Possible to Clean Your Septic Tank by Yourself?

No. It would be best if you didn't clean your septic tank by yourself but instead hire septic tank experts to help you. One reason you might want to bring in a professional is that you are more likely to misread the signs indicating that your septic tank needs to be cleaned. Experts will begin by removing any water and solid materials in your septic tank.

After cleaning, experienced experts will then treat the waste before disposing of it. By treating the waste, they will make sure your surroundings are safe and free from any germs. Even though there are some maintenance tips that you can do by yourself, hiring septic tank experts to clean your tank is always the right call.

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